Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest
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The Texas SAR Americanism Committee is pleased to announce the topic for the 2017-2018 Americanism Poster Contest.  The contest is directed to students in the 4th or 5th grade, depending on which grade year the American Revolution is taught in your educational system.

Prizes are as follows:  1st Place - $300 Cash; 2nd Place - $200 Cash; 3rd Place - $150 Cash; 4th and 5th Place - $100 Cash.

The topic for 2017 - 2018 year’s contest is:

"Revolutionary War Event"
The Texas theme for the poster will be
"An event involving Bernardo de Galvez in the Revolutionary War

Bernardo de Galvez


Posters will be judged by the following criteria:

    1. Does the poster express the annual theme?

    2. Does the poster show originality by the student?

    3. Does the poster show evidence of research?

    4. Does the poster show artistic merit and creativity?

    5. Does the poster accurately reflect the historical event?

    6. Is the poster neat and visually pleasing?


The winner from each local school will compete at Chapter level.  The Chapter winner will then advance to competition at the Texas SAR State Conference.  The Texas Society winner will represent the State Society at the National Level.



  • Poster will be on standard poster board (22" x 28")
  • Any media of drawing material may be used, and students may paste unpublished material (not commercially printed) on their boards.
  • No three dimensional posters will be accepted.
  • No group project posters.  Each poster must be done by one individual student.
  • All entries must have the following information taped to the back of the poster:
    Student's Name, Address, Home Telephone, Age, Grade, Name of School, Name of Teacher, and Sponsoring SAR Chapter.  The front of the poster must not be signed.
  • The students Social Security Number will be required for State Winners, before entering National Contest, to be eligible for National Prizes.
  • Only one entry per school may be entered in the local SAR Chapter competition and chapter entries are limited as stated in item #2 below for state competition.
  • The cutoff day for entering at the Local Chapter level is February 1st.



    1. All paper work shall be mailed to the State Poster Chairman before March 1st at the following address:

      SAR Americanism Poster Contest
      % Bill Whatley
      1406 Festival Dr.
      Houston, TX 77062

      Please tape the following additional information to the back of the poster that your chapter is submitting for the Texas SAR State competition:

      a.  A completed National Entry Form from the National Web Site
      b.  A signed parental consent form
      c.  The new Authenticity Form signed by the educator of the student submitting the poster
      Note:  All above Texas SAR forms are included in the Poster Contest Support Pack.

    2. A Chapter may submit one poster for every 50 posters they have as follows:
           (1 poster to 99 posters - the chapter will be allowed one poster at the Texas SAR Annual Convention.
           100 posters to 149 posters - the chapter will be allowed two posters at the Texas SAR Annual Convention and so on.)

    3. Each chapter will be responsible for bringing their winning poster to the Texas SAR state meeting or if you cannot attend send poster to:

      SAR Americanism Poster Contest
      % Bill Whatley
      1406 Festival Dr.
      Houston, TX 77062