Battle of Medina Commemoration

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Battle of Medina Anniversery198th Anniversary of the Bloodiest Battle in Texas History

The public is invited to attend our 16th annual ceremony commemorating the Battle of Medina, this being the 203rd anniversary of the bloodiest battle in Texas history!  The Battle of Medina occurred on August 18, 1813 between the Royal Spanish Army and the Republican Army of the North when between 800 and 1,300 Americans, Tejanos, Indians, and Spanish soldiers died in this all but forgotten battle which historians have named the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition.  Since August 18th is on Thursday this year, we will hold our normal commemorative ceremony beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 15, 2016 under the large Oak trees on Old Applewhite Road.  We will have a Color Guard representing the U.S.A., Spain, Texas, and Mexico, plus descendants of the men who fought and died in this battle.  Due to the heat, we will try to keep this ceremony as short as possible, and adjourn to the nice cool meeting room at the Atascosa County Leming Annex (Old Leming School) located at 25 E. 5th Street in Leming, Texas, for an afternoon seminar beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, August 20, 2016, courtesy of Barbara Westbrook, Atascosa County Historical Commission Chairman. 

Our speakers this year for the Saturday afternoon seminar include Caroline Castillo Crimm, Ph.D., Professor of History, Sam Houston State University.  Dr. Crimm spoke at the 201st Anniversary seminar, and you will not want to miss what she has to say about this all but forgotten event in Texas history.  Dr. Frank de la Tejas, the former Texas State Historian, appointed by Governor Perry, and head of the History Department at Texas State University will speak again on the Spanish Influence on Texas.  Dr. Amy Porter, PhD, Professor of History, Texas A&M University San Antonio has been invited to speak.  Al McGraw will be back this year to show us some of the archeological items he has found over the years.  Jessie Villarreal will bring his second book on the Tejanos involved in the American Revolution, and we have asked Jessie to say a few words to us this year.  Anthony Delgado, of the Canary Islands Descendants Association will speak about the participants of the Battles.  We are expecting representatives of both the Texas General Land Office, and the Texas Historical Commission.  I have invited Dan Arellano, who has organized the Battle of Medina Association to tell us what he has been doing this past year.  Doc L’Harrison from Louisiana, who will again speak this year, and tell us what he has found about the men from Louisiana who came to fight in Texas.   We always invite Robert Thonhoff, Teacher, Administrator, County Judge, and award winning author; who spent years researching this all but forgotten battle.  However, due to health reasons, Professor Thonhoff probably will not attend.  If it were not for Bob Thonhoff most of us would not even know about the Battle of Medina.

The Battle of Medina was between approximately 1,800 men in the Royal Spanish Army and approximately 1,400 men in the Republican Army of the North, which included about 400 Spaniards, 400 Tejanos, 200 Native Americans, and about 400 men from the USA.  In fact we have identified 5 men who fought in the American Revolution who were involved in some way in the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition, with only one Patriot of the American Revolution, Peter Sides, having been proven to have fought in both the American Revolution and also fought and died in the Battle of Medina.  Direct descendants of Peter Sides are eligible for membership in the DAR, the SAR, the DRT, and the SRT, and descendants directly related to any of the 3,200 men who fought in this battle on either side are eligible for membership in the SRT.  Over the past 14 years the SAR, DAR, SRT, DRT, Mayflower Society, the Daughters of the War of 1812, and descendants of the men who fought here have dedicated markers to the men who fought and died in this battle, and these descendants will rededicate their markers at the Saturday morning ceremony under the large Oak Trees.  Everyone interested in history is invited to attend.

Exhibitors will include the Order of Grenaderos y Damas de Galvez, Canary Islands Descendants Association, and we have invited Los Bexarenos Genealogy and Historical Society.

Signs will be placed where you turn to the west off Highway 281 onto the Old Pleasanton Road about 15 miles south of San Antonio, and 10 miles north of Pleasanton.  Signs will again be placed where Bruce Road branches off Old Pleasanton Road to the west.  Signs will also be where Old Applewhite Road branches off Bruce Road to the west, but for additional directions, contact Tom Green at or 713-340-1965.  The afternoon seminar will begin at 1:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon at the Atascosa County Annex (Old Leming School) located at 25 E. 5th Street, in Leming, Texas.