Keyhole to History

The Keyhole to History program includes 52 approximately one-minute audios relating to events of the American Revolution which were developed by the Sons of the American Revolution.  The audios were prepared by Don Blair, Hope Byrnes, and Ann Corcoran.  Each episode relates historical information from a specific week of the year and all episodes provide historical information about the American Revolution.

The Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution would like to encourage the widespread use of the Keyhole to History audios.  They can be used as part of a morning broadcast in schools, played in the classroom as a learning aid, and made available as a resource in library learning centers.

To obtain a CD with the complete set of Keyhole to History audios, write to:

The National Society Sons of the American Revolution
1000 S 4th St.
Louisville, KY 40203-3292


Listen to the Keyhole to History for the following dates/subjects by clicking on the item in the Description column.  All audio files are in MP3 format.


Date Description
January 1 Betsy Ross
January 6 Martha Washington
January 15 William Alexander
January 21 John Fitch
January 30 Judge Henderson
February 6 Washington's Doctor
February 13 Ethan Allen
February 22 John Carroll
February 26 Moore's Creek Bridge
March 10 Last Naval Battle
March 15 Guilford Courthouse
March 25 Boston Port Bill
March 25 Henry Lee
April 4 William White
April 8 William Rittenhouse
April 21 Lt. John Barker
April 24 First Naval Victory
May 4 Rufus Putnam
May 10 Ethan Allen
May 18 Lafayette
May 23 Augusta, Georgia
June 2 John Randolph
June 9 Gaspee Affair
June 17 Privateering
June 26 Captain Burrows / Ft. Griswold
June 28 Col. Moultrie / Charleston
July 2 Declaration of Independence
July 9 Articles of Confederation
July 16 Anthony Wayne / Stony Point
July 29 Count d'Estaing
August 4 Aid for Boston
August 11 Colonel Baum
August 16 Bennington
August 22 Graves End
August 27 Long Island
September 8 Eutaw Springs
September 11 Brandywin
September 21 Paoli Massacre
September 28 Move to Yorktown
October 7 Saratoga - Bemis Heights
October 10 Private Dubose
October 19 Yorktown Surrender
October 22 Christopher Greene
November 1 Stamp Act
November 10 Rev. John Witherspoon
November 16 Fort Washington
November 21 Boston Port Bill
November 28 Von Steuben
December 8 Banastre Tarlton
December 13 Charles Lee
December 16 Boston Tea Party
December 26 Battle of Trenton