Texas SAR Revolutionary War Patriot Grave Marking Project


The Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution, has taken on the project to mark ALL the graves of the Patriots from the American Revolution that are buried in Texas.  This is not a new idea, but with the death of past NSSAR President General Clovis Brakebill, FSP Texas Society and FPG NSSAR, it seems fitting that this is the very least we in the Texas Society can do to honor his work of writing a book about those heroes.  Clovis spent years researching the history of these Patriots and the location of their graves.  This information is wonderfully presented here from his book, "American Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Texas", and we would like to encourage each of our Texas SAR chapters to select at least one of the Patriots and make plans to mark the grave site and/or the historic sites that may be associated with these men.

We should make each of the grave marking ceremonies very special and following are a few ideas that should be considered when planning the event.  Like many others in the Texas SAR who are also members of other historical societies and patriotic organizations, we should work together to place multiple markers on each of these mens' graves.  Other organizations like the DAR, DRT, SRT, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, local news media, other Historical Societies, and any other society with similar interest should be invited.  We should invite the descendants of these Patriots, and they should have a part in the ceremony.  There should be as many members of our Color Guard present as possible to perform a flag folding ceremony and fire a musket salute.  We should have a pre-published program for these events, and the local public officials should be invited to participate.  If applicable, a chapter must check with the local cemetery to insure that we comply with their rules for placing a marker.  There are many other details involved in such a project, but this should give everyone the general idea.  The first step is for each chapter to commit to the project, and the next step is to select a Patriot in or near your area.  The chapters in the larger cities may want to work together with the smaller chapters in the rural parts of the state where many of the Patriots are buried.

If your chapter is interested in sponsoring a grave or site marking for one of these Patriots buried in Texas please contact Tom B. Green III.  Several chapters have already contacted him to discuss this project, and he will be glad to help in any way possible.  A list of the Patriots and the county where they are buried can be found here, and Tom will be glad to provide what information he has about each Patriot if you do not have access to Clovis' book.

For a listing of all Patriots buried in Texas (some of which have not been conclusively proven yet) see the American Revolutionary War Patriots Buried In Texas page.  To submit new/corrected information about Texas SAR Patriot Graves, please use our Patriot Grave Updater.


Grave and Site Marking of Patriots Buried in Texas to Date

Patriot Sponsoring Chapter(s) County Buried Type Marking
Samuel Smith Athens Chapter and
Captain William Barron Chapter
Rusk Grave
Alexander Hodge Alexander Hodge Chapter Fort Bend Grave
Benjamin Clark Captain William Barron Chapter
Ceremony Pictures
Red River Grave
Owen Shannon Freedom Chapter and
PineyWoods Chapter
Montgomery Grave
Aaron Cherry Paul Carrington Chapter Liberty Grave
Robert Rankin Robert Rankin (Katy) Chapter Texas State Cemetery Grave
John Abston Plano Chapter
Abston Rededication Pictures
Collin Grave
Peter Sides William Hightower Chapter Bexar Battle of Medina Site
Bailey Anderson East Texas Chapter
Ceremony Pictures
Harrison Grave
Thomas Blair Hogg Capt. William Barron and
Athens Chapters
Cherokee Grave
Zachariah Landrum PineyWoods Chapter
Landrum Story | Landrum Grave Pictures
Montgomery Grave
Richard Tice Independence Chapter Washington Grave
Henry Bailey Greenwood PineyWoods Chapter
Greenwood Discovered | Greenwood Grave Pictures
Grimes Grave
John Parker Bluebonnet and
Waco Chapters
Limestone Grave/Memorial
Johann Michael Ehler Col. Turner Sharp Chapter
Ehler bio | Ceremony Pictures | YouTube video
El Paso None (Nat. Cem.)
Thomas C. Holmes PineyWoods Chapter
Marker Ceremony Information | Map and Pictures
Newton Memorial
James Potter Collins Captain William Barron,
Red River Valley, and
Plano Chapters
Collins bio | Ceremony Pictures
Red River Memorial
David Strickland Captain William Barron,
Red River Valley, and
Plano Chapters
Strickland bio | Ceremony Pictures
Red River Memorial
John Tollett, Sr. Captain William Barron,
Red River Valley, and
Plano Chapters
Tollett bio | Ceremony Pictures
Red River Memorial
Joseph de la Baume Alexander Hodge Chapter Austin Memorial
William Sparks Capt. William Barron,
Fredonia, and
Lt. Nathan Gann Chapters
Nacogdoches Memorial
William Delafield Capt. William Barron and
East Texas Chapters
Delafield bio | Ceremony Pictures
Harrison Memorial
Benjamin Wightman Bluebonnet Chapter
Ceremony Pictures
Matagorda Grave
Benjamin W. Anderson Athens Chapter
Ceremony Pictures
Rusk Grave