July 11, 2018 through July 19, 2018

San Jacinto Battlefield, Monument, and Museum Tour

May be scheduled for Friday, July 13 or Wednesday, July 18

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Travel back in time to 1836 and tour the San Jacinto battlefield, perhaps the single most important battle ever held in North America.  The Battle of San Jacinto may not have lasted more than eighteen minutes but it paved the way to help the USA become twice as large.  As a direct result of the victory at San Jacinto, the United States would fulfill its “manifest destiny” of stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  In addition to Texas, the USA gained New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

As you travel the 45 minutes to the San Jacinto Battlefield, Monument, and Museum Compatriot Tom Green will regale you with Texas Tall Tales and Texas history.  You will pass one of the great petrochemical complexes of the United States before arriving at the San Jacinto Monument, which was once the tallest building in the WORLD.

Consider going on board the Battleship Texas, the only surviving Naval Ship of both World Wars.

Visit the Surrender Place of Santa Anna, Commanding General of the Mexican Army and other key locations of the battle field.  Afterwards, enjoy lunch at the historic Monument Inn.

Following lunch, take a docent led tour of the museum and view a short movie about the battle.  Take the elevator to the top of the tallest memorial monument in the world and see if you can see the edge of the Texas border.

Note:  Until tours are finalized events and Tall Tales are subject to change.